Namaiki Ventures

Investing and building with child-like wonder, Namaiki is working with talent in US, Japan, ANZ to unlock global opportunities in the digital economy.

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How we work

• We want to be early

We’re building a unique portfolio where we are trying to invest in markets or geos where others are not. We believe this will not only lead to superior returns, but it just feels right, altruistically.

• We see work as positive-sum

We believe that building, shipping software or selling products and services is a positive-sum endeavor - the first rule is to do everything we can to empower & and enable founders to build.

• We believe this is a marathon, not a sprint

Building a meaningful company that has a massive impact takes time. We plan to run to the last mile, and do it with great care for health and wellbeing of our founders and investors. As important as generating positive returns is to us, money it isn't everything.

• We will do our best to live by our values

The point of publishing these values is to keep ourselves accountable.